On 17th June at Teatro Franco Parenti in Milano, Comarch will participate and sponsor Customer Day conference 2015.


During  the Customer Day Conference, in a special panel, Comarch SFA Business Unit in cooperation with Instituto Internazionale di Ricera organizes workshop “Sales processes improvement across all channels”. Moreover, the participants of the conference will have an opportunity to attend the presentation of Comarch CRM&Marketing Amore, divertimento e Internet of Things.   


The Comarch SFA workshop will be a great chance to find out how to optimize the processes and technology to serve the business partners in multichannel environment and learn how to drive sales with innovations in retail execution and customer relationship management.


The main topic of the presentation “Amore, divertimento e Internet of Things” will be an impact of smart tools and engagements strategies on our daily lives.The speaker will explain howbusiness can take advantages of these blessings.

 We would be more than happy to meet you at workshop.

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