Comarch Implements a Sales Support System for Frito Lay part of PepsiCo group

Comarch and Frito Lay have signed a contract for the implementation and maintenance of the Comarch Online Distribution communication platform and Comarch Online Sales Support, a system reporting data from Frito Lay’s business partners.

Frito Lay is the latest company from the FMCG sector that has decided to work with Comarch and implement Comarch’s modern Online Distribution and Reporting Module solutions. It is currently used by about 20 producers and more than 1 000 distributors in the FMCG and construction industries, including Carlsberg, Colgate Palmolive, Mars, Hortex, IDS Group and Nivea. Thanks to Comarch systems, these companies have implemented new strategies for cooperation with distributors, including those outside of Poland.

Comarch Online Sales Support enables regular and automatic reporting of resale and stock levels among distributors cooperating with Frito Lay. This solution will be implemented jointly with another Comarch system, Online Distribution, which is a platform reporting information obtained from the distribution network. The combined systems will enable better control over the implementation of individual sales targets in cooperation with the external distribution network, as well as more efficient management of stock levels relating to products sold to trade partners. The implementation of both Comarch modules will automate and unify the reporting of data from the market, and provide rapid access to reliable data.

“This project is the result of our long-term and very good cooperation carried out in the context of electronic data interchange (EDI) with commercial networks and logistics operators”, says Bartłomiej Szuper, Consulting Director at Comarch. “As the heart of the Comarch Online Distribution system, EDI provides automatic and electronic communication virtually, with any Frito Lay business partner. In addition, the services provided by us that maintain the business data quality enable the settlement of accounts with distributors for the results of market activities. We believe that, thanks to Frito Lay's business knowledge in supported sales channels, we will be able to provide our client with even better reported data quality and achieve a synergy effect by combining reporting from both of our systems”.

Frito Lay, which is a part of PepsiCo, produces salty Lay's, Cheetos, Star, Sunbites, Twistos and Crunchy snacks. Meanwhile, PepsiCo in Poland produces soft drinks including Pepsi, Mirinda, 7UP, Mountain Dew, sugar-free Pepsi Max, Pepsi Light, and Pepsi Light Lemon, non-carbonated Lipton Ice Tea drinks, Tom fruit juices, and Krystaliczne Źródło mineral water. PepsiCo also distributes Rockstar energy drinks and Gatorade isotonic drinks in the Polish market. The company is a global leader in the production of food and beverages, with an average annual net income of up to $66 billion. PepsiCo’s global portfolio contains 22 different product lines, each of them generating over $1 billion in retail sales per year.

Comarch solutions provide a comprehensive platform to support processes in sales and the supply chain, in both traditional and modern channels. One of the modules of the Comarch platform is called Online Distribution. It allows companies to cooperate with an external distribution network which supports sales to retail stores, obtaining and reporting daily business data, such as resale data and current stock levels. Another module is called Online Sales Support. This is a communication and reporting solution that enables the manufacturer and distributor to access a range of analyses and reports from the exchanged business data. It is worth noting that these modules can be integrated with the EDI platform, which ensures the exchange of electronic documents (e.g. orders and invoices) and datasheets (through a certified GDSN catalog) with commercial networks. Thanks to this comprehensive approach to the digitization of processes, enterprises not only automate them, but also see immediate improvements in data quality and access to a number of reports on multi-channel sales.

The platform has been operating since 2000, and customers who have chosen Comarch SFA so far include Red Bull, Carlsberg, Fortuna, IDS Group, Mieszko, Froneri, Mattel, PPG and many more.

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