In January 2014 Rossmann, Poland's largest retail drugstore chain, which has 900 stores and employs 12 thousand people, started using the Comarch ECM system to support the documentation of workers. The employee E - briefcase has as its aim the support of records management and HR processes in the face of strong growth of networks and new hirings that reach a few thousand people a year. The main effect of the implementation is the improvement of the handling of employee documents and their availability to interested persons, while ensuring the required level of security. Through the process of digitization of documents, search and support of key personal data has been significantly accelerated. As part of the previously implemented Comarch ECM solutions, 1.2 billion documents are being stored.

- Due to the continuous development of the company and significant increase in stores and employees 900 stores and 12,000 employees - existing staff records management was too complicated and time-consuming. So we looked for an IT solution that would make it easier, quicker and more efficient to handle such documents - says Ilona Perużyńska - Zych, Head of Human Resources and Payroll in Rossmann.

In 2013, the company decided to digitize employee records and, within the framework of current personnel activities, to transition to an electronic version of existing employee files. Paper documents are scanned, sorted and stored in properly labeled paper archives, supported by a workflow engine to provide full control and correctness of the organizations ' paper files in the archive.

- Comarch ECM and the possibility to organize the documents in a dedicated employee e - briefcases help both in the control of the documents themselves, as well as key information related to HR processes, i.e. renewal of contracts, trainings or examinations. Managers receive electronic access to the records of their subordinates, so that the waiting time for the necessary information is reduced to a few seconds - said Maciej Dudek, Business Solution Manager, Comarch ECM - In addition, the BPM module, i.e. Business Process Management, has implemented electronic support for several HR processes, i.e. the transfer of files to archive status for employees terminating employment, update of personal information, or update information relating to, inter alia, penalties.

Comarch ECM in the Rossmann network will eventually be used by more than 200 users. An introduction of about 25 000 employee files is planned in the coming years.

Comarch ECM is a tool in the area of Enterprise Content Management, which in a comprehensive way allows control over the capital of the enterprise information gathered in business documents. Comarch ECM delivers its solutions to companies in Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France. Clients include Carrefour, ING, Accounting Plaza, Coal Company.

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