Responding to the Challenges of Digital Commerce with Comarch Master Data Management, in Accordance with the GS1 GDSN Standard

Padania Alimenti S.R.L. It is one of the largest Italian producers of fresh and microfiltered milk, and is also a national leader in the production of fresh cream. The company chose the Comarch Master Data Management solution to use the GDSN standard and automate the exchange of product information with Italian retailers.

Padania Alimenti did not have a structured registry management that would allow product sheets to be sent to customers in a simple and automated manner. Hence the need to implement a master data management system that facilitates the definition of an information repository to offer a 360-degree view of product data, including personal, digital and media, and at the same time allows the distribution of data throughout the company and along the supply chain in a simple and efficient way.

"Our need was to adapt, in a short time, the full technological evolution of the data exchange systems, to meet the demands of our customers in the retail sector. For this reason, we considered it essential to collaborate with a reliable supplier who could provide us with a complete solution to allow constant company growth in the long term. Comarch understood our needs and has provided us with a product suitable for our reality".

Fabrizio Angiolini, Administrative Director, Padania Alimenti

The solution adopted is Comarch Master Data Management, a cloud-based platform that allows product information to be organized in a structured way according to business needs, and share product data with its customers through the GDSN network.

Comarch a GS1 certified GDSN datapool, which allows users to check, organize, share and update product information relevant for their business in compliance with international industry standards. The solution also allows them to activate specific functions (for example an approval workflow) according to the customer's needs.

The adoption of Comarch MDM allows clients to simplify communications with their business partners, and avoid duplication of data or any manual compilation errors.

"The advancement of digital commerce poses new challenges every day. It is essential for our customers to face them with innovative and flexible tools. Effectively managing product data and distributing this information efficiently along the supply chain will allow Padania Alimenti to maintain and increase its competitive advantage, and above all to support the various company levels with correct, complete and accessible information for all”.

Silvio Panetta, Sales Director at Comarch Italia

Padania Alimenti S.R.L. began as a small local production center in 1952, and over time it has become one of the main Italian dairy companies. Over the years, it has always maintained a close relationship with the land and locality, and respected the principles that have allowed it to grow and be successful, such as the quality of the raw materials used and the simplicity of its organizational structure, all of which let the company respond to the multiple needs of its customers.

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