PPG Deco Poland - a part of the PPG Industries group, a world leader on the paint, varnishes and chemicals market , a manufacturer of the leading paints and varnishes on the Polish market, including the flagship brand Dekoral - and Comarch, has signed a contract to implement and support the Comarch ECOD Business Portal solution. The partner network of retail stores, Dekoral Studio, has received a tool which enables to submit electronic orders on-line that are then automatically sent to wholesalers and the manufacturers - Studio Dekoral Partner On-line System. Among the many benefits that PPG Deco Poland Business Partners will receive worth mentioning are instant access to current promotions and the current product catalog. The system also includes a marketing and survey module used to communicate with customers and measure their satisfaction of cooperation with PPG Deco Poland.

- ECOD Business Portal / Studio Dekoral Partner On-line system at PPG Deco Poland is going to support establishing sales and marketing strategies, while carrying out specific tasks for the construction and chemical industry. As a result of several months of work, we have received a completely independent solution that is fully adapted to the requirements of the industry and the model of cooperation with the network of Dekoral Studio retail stores. This tool will affect the quality and functioning of customer service and improve the efficiency of our operations by automating the sales process - says Mark Urbanczyk, Manager of the Sales Support Department, PPG Deco Poland.

Comarch is a provider of innovative IT solutions including management sales processes. Comarch ECOD Business Portal is a communication and reporting solution that streamlines communication and the collaboration the between the manufacturer and distributor and can be integrated with solutions such as Comarch ECOD Agent and Comarch ECOD Distribution that provide sales support. Thanks to these solutions our customers can obtain real-time production optimization, improve supply chain logistics and cash flow.

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