Proving that having quick access to information results in making better business decisions - Philips opts for a Comarch solution

Philips, one of the largest electronics companies in the world, has signed a contract with Comarch to implement an innovative reporting and communication platform that will be used by Philips for enhancing its cooperation with retail chains and distributors. Not only will the solution chosen by Philips (Comarch Online Distribution) provide it with reliable market data but it will also allow the company to stimulate the sales of its trading partners.

New solutions – the answer for growing needs of the company

After a long-term, positively evaluated cooperation with Comarch (carrying out the implementation and maintenance of a dedicated mobile system, supporting the exchange of electronic documents with retailers), Philips has decided to extend the scope of the collaboration and implement Comarch Online Distribution - a modern reporting and communication platform which will be used for improving the manufacturer’s cooperation with the distributors. The solution enables daily, automatic Big Data reporting and, as a result, provides access to up-to-date information about the retail market.

"The decision of using the Comarch solution was not purely based on the quality of sales and inventory data they provide. We were looking for a reliable partner; a company that not only has the knowledge, but also vast experience. Comarch has it all. We have seen this during the years of our fruitful cooperation" – said Łukasz Mieteń, Head of Business Transformation and IT, CEE at Philips.

Comarch Online Distribution - the added value of the company

Thanks to the integration of the Comarch Online Distribution platform with both ERP systems and sales systems used by their partners, manufacturers gain instant access to a large database updated in real time. The connection between Comarch Online Distribution and a Business-Intelligence-class system provides full insight into multidimensional data gathered from all sales channels. Having reliable market data concerning the retailers and distributors’ stock levels allows manufacturers to plan their sales strategy more effectively.

"The solution that Comarch offers is a modern, comprehensive platform that improves all sales processes between a given company and its distributors, both in the traditional channel and all the commercial networks belonging to the modern channel. As part of this particular project, Philips’ partners - commercial networks, e-commerce, distributors - from six European hubs will be connected to the system. Comarch Online Distribution will increase the quality of reported data and enhance its analysis, thus allow for making even better business decisions" – said Bartłomiej Szuper, director of Comarch consulting.

Philips is a Dutch company with a global reach which employs around 74,000 people in 100 countries. Currently, it is one of the largest electronic companies in the world that focus on introducing innovations in the fields of medical care and consumer products.

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