Orizzonti Holding Digitizes Supply Chain Processes and Makes Collaboration with Suppliers Data-driven

Orizzonti Holding chose Comarch's Master Data Management to transform product master data management from a mechanical and manual activity to an automated and digitized one.

Orizzonti Holding SPA, a company operating in the distribution, production, and estate sectors since 1950, has signed an agreement with Comarch Italia to digitize product master data management processes.

The collaboration stems from the continuous search for innovative processes aimed at supporting the operational management of different corporate functions. The main goal of this project is to reduce inefficiencies in the current process by improving the quality of service for stakeholders - producers and consumers – adapting faster to changing needs.

Process and technology are at the core of our organization," explains Angelo Cimmino, Head of Demographic and Contract Office at Orizzonti Holding. "It is crucial for our success to be able to offer our customers a dynamic and cutting-edge experience. Our project with Comarch will allow us to transform the product master data management process, currently handled manually, into an automated and digital process. This transformation has two important consequences for us and affects the experience of our stakeholders: on one hand, it makes relationships with suppliers faster and automated, allowing us to have their products on our shelves in days instead of weeks. This also means that customers at our shops will have the latest products faster. On the other hand, it allows us to significantly alleviate operational management costs, by always having data available within the group, which is constantly synched with our stakeholders."

Francesco Novembri, Senior Business Development Manager at Comarch Italia, added: "We are honored to be able to support Orizzonti Holding in their digitization journey. The evolution of the retail world is gradually moving towards a centralized and unified approach. In recent years, companies have used different channels to communicate with their stakeholders, which resulted in managing supply chain data in a disconnected and different manner. They are now aiming to synch and centralize data management in a single collaborative platform, reducing not only operational time but also margins of error. The impact of digitization goes beyond the switch from physical to digital data - it potentially innovates all connected processes."

Comarch's Master Data Management is a collaborative cloud-based platform that allows the synchronization of product data with all commercial partners, organizing, verifying and updating information in real time.

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