Mercer Digitizes and Automates Correspondence in Pension Administration Using Comarch ECM and ICT Solutions

The consulting company Mercer is digitizing its processes of communication with pensioners and plan participates in Germany, with the help of international IT company Comarch‘s ECM solution. Communication with beneficiaries is one of the tasks Mercer performs as part of their work in administering employee pension schemes for companies. In combination with Comarch's ICT infrastructure, the solution customized for Mercer will further optimize and automate the consultancy's communication processes.

Mercer's core business areas in Germany include corporate consulting services regarding employee pension schemes, investments, pension administration, remuneration, human capital strategies, and M&A. Since the amount of paperwork generated in the area of pension administration is quite substantial, the management of all these documents – as of yet fully paper-based – is to be digitized. For this purpose, Mercer chose to implement Comarch ECM. The solution for enterprise content management is part of Comarch's comprehensive product range for document management and data exchange.

"Digital technology has made it possible to increase the efficiency of work and to offer customers a new performance promise. In Comarch, we have found a reliable and flexible partner who developed a solution perfectly tailored to our needs. Comarch ECM is facilitating our colleagues' daily work and modernizing communication with the beneficiaries of our corporate clients", says Daniel Jelonneck, Project Manager at Mercer.

Comarch will take over the management of inbound and outbound documents, and will support Mercer in processing said correspondence. During further project stages, Comarch will not only digitize all paper-based processes but will also make the documents available to pensioners and plan participants through various customized Mercer portals. Comarch will provide Mercer with the desired software via a private cloud hosted in Krakow at the IT company's largest data center. The overall aim of the project is to fully digitize and, eventually, even automate Mercer's communication processes.

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