How can businesses efficiently manage processes and avoid organizational chaos caused by tons of document papers stacked on desks, or filed in cabinets and archives? What companies are thinking about implementing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) class systems? What are the priorities in implementing document management and business process management solutions?

The answers for these and similar questions have been verified by IDC thanks to direct research carried out among Polish, German and French companies. IDC has analyzed the benefits and ROI regarding ECM projects in terms of information explosion in knowledge economies.

“ECM is a crucial software solution that helps companies to solve the challenge of fast-growing volumes of information in different formats by building, organizing, storing, and managing the associated information. Indeed, IDC believes that ECM will become as important an IT solution as ERP systems. Not only do they enable organizations to efficiently manage information, but they can also further integrate the information from other business-critical IT systems such as ERP, SCM, CRM, and so forth.” IDC Enterprise Content Management: Turning Chaos into Productivity.

White Paper reports:

• 100% of respondents stated that implementing ECM led to cost savings

• Greatest efficiency was achieved in the areas of: general business communications, accounting and sales

• 74% of ECM users reported achieving or exceeding the planned ROI

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