High-quality Business Data Proves Key to Efficient Sales Strategies as Comarch Partnership with Moët Hennessy Reaches a New Level

Moët Hennessy, a member of the Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy Group, the world leader in high-quality products, has been cooperating with Comarch in order to improve its partnership with distributors and wholesalers. Accurate sales data, and the effective exchange of this information between partners, was a clear goal to help the company to make decisions based on reliable business information. This strategy is intended to create opportunities to help stimulate partners’ sales activities. After implementation in Poland of the reporting and communication platform Comarch Online Distribution, Moët Hennessy has decided to extend the project scope to other European markets.

About Comarch Online Distribution and Online Sales Support

Comarch Online Distribution and Comarch Online Sales Support enable automatic daily reporting of the most important business data on the distributor/wholesaler-producer line. Constant access to up to date, reliable information on distributors’ inventory levels and sell-out of products in the on-trade channel allows Moët Hennessy to respond more effectively to market changes. From the beginning of 2018, Comarch has been supporting Moët Hennessy Poland in expanding cooperation with selected distributors through the implementation of resale and inventory reporting to increase joint sales and marketing activities.

“The choice of Comarch, which has many years of experience in implementing these types of solutions, was determined by two factors: the company’s high quality of services and very positive international references. Moreover, successful pilot implementation performed in the first chosen market has convinced us that Comarch is a responsible and reliable partner.” – said On Trade Sales Director, Moët Hennessy Europe

The goal of the pilot project in Poland was to connect dozens of strategic distributors with the platform. The implementation of Comarch Online Distribution, a comprehensive service platform for obtaining the highest quality market data, and deployment of an analytical web application (Comarch Online Sales Support), enables daily reporting of high-quality data. The first connections of distributors have already shown that the platform is going to be a powerful source of information, giving Moët Hennessy Poland and its distributors huge business opportunities. Shortly thereafter, Moët Hennessy decided to expand cooperation with Comarch into further European markets.

“There are two dimensions of Comarch Online Distribution. The solution provides companies with high-quality business data, which provides a solid foundation for planning sales strategies. It also guarantees full automation of the information exchange process. As a result, companies gain a significant competitive advantage." – said Kamil Gościński, Global Account Director, Comarch SA.

“Comarch Online Distribution gives us the opportunity to determine the real potential of each retail outlet, bar, restaurant or club. It also allows us to measure cooperation effectiveness. We are sure that, thanks to cooperation with Comarch, the new way of working with key data is going to change the face of sales analysis in individual markets, and the development of this area of our business will be considered as another success for Moët Hennessy.” - said On Trade Sales Director, Moët Hennessy Europe

Moët Hennessy is part of Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy Group, one of the largest companies producing luxury goods such as alcohols, cosmetics and fashion. The Moët Hennessy Wine and Spirits Division produces whiskey, as well as still and sparkling wines from various wine-growing regions.

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