Fold your business animal with Comarch’s paperless origami

Do you remember looking through origami books as a child, then trying to fold animals or flowers? Indulge in childhood reminiscence and try this paperless origami from Comarch. By taking a simple test about e-Invoicing processes, you will discover your business spirit animal.

The business world is like a jungle, with companies fighting for leadership, coexisting and cooperating with each other. IT helps them operate better, become faster and grow stronger. Furthermore, e-Invoicing systems will soon become a standard on both international and regional levels.

E-Invoicing is in fact taking the market by storm. The leaders in every industry are switching to electronic document exchange due to countless benefits such as savings in time, money, paper, archiving space and human resources, along with error reduction and more.

If you want to prepare your company to face the competition and establish your maturity in e-Invoicing processes, take a quiz prepared by Comarch. After answering a few questions, your business spirit animal will be revealed, along with a description of your company’s condition.

Moreover, anyone who takes the test will receive a free e-Invoicing white paper with lots of practical knowledge and tips.

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