Electronic exchange of business documents

By means of the EDI platform Comarch ECOD, electronic communication between business partners is offered as a modern service from within the data center. The corresponding component for archiving, ECOD Archive, has now been certified by an auditing company. Thus, invoices can be archived with highest level of security and at significantly lower costs than in case of an archiving solution installed on-site.

With regard to electronic exchange of business documents, such as invoices, orders, and dispatch advices, the EDI platform Comarch ECOD offers companies a broad range of services including the audit-proof archiving of exchanged documents. Recently, the component for archiving, ECOD Archive, has been certified by an auditing company. Thus, it has been confirmed that ECOD Archive complies to full extent with archiving requirements according to Generally Accepted German Accounting Principles (GoB), German Fiscal Code (AO), and German Principles of Data Access and Auditability of digital Records (GDPdU) amongst others.

As module for audit-proof archiving, ECOD Archive allows for the saving of electronic invoices in original format and including signature, utilized certificate, validation protocol, and timestamp. In addition, it is possible to automatically generate collective invoices from the stored invoices, to print and send them. Besides storing of "classical" electronic business documents, ECOD Archive provides functionalities to generate electronic signatures as well as qualified electronic signatures.

- Our customers are able to archive their electronic documents fully automatically and in audit-proof way as well as access required data at any time irrespective of their current location," "A further big advantage of ECOD Archive is web access for tax authorities. Because of this, in the near future the local tax office should be able to check electronic documents via Internet - explains Tobias Busch, Consulting Director in the EDI department of Comarch AG.

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