According to a Billentis report entitled “European Market Overview & Forecast,” e-invoicing market penetration in the B2B/B2G/G2B sectors will probably reach 20% in 2013 and will increase by ca. 15% in the following years.

Comarch thinks that the growth in e-invoicing will be thanks to:

  • recent implementation of legal changes enabling e-invoicing in more countries (e.g. Romania, Russia, Turkey)
  • continuous interest in ‘cost reduction’ solutions
  • implementation of obligatory e-invoice exchange with public administration in some countries (e.g. Denmark, Greece, Norway, Spain)

Currently, Comarch EDI E-Invoicing processes 20 million invoices annually ensuring that our 17000 customers are compliant with EU and local legislation. Comarch EDI E-Invoicing has been helping companies to move from paper to electronic invoices for over 8 years now. At present, our sophisticated cloud service for e-invoicing includes:

  • on-boarding for partners of all sizes worldwide regardless of technological maturity (i.e. integration with IT systems)
  • legal and business data validation
  • translation from one-to-many formats for issuers and from many-to-one formats for receivers (i.e. EDIFACT, XML, IDOC, TRADACOM, PDF)
  • support for various protocols (e.g. AS2, FTP/VPN, OFTP, SFTP, WebService)
  • distribution channels adjusted to business partner needs (i.e. automated EDI, WEB-EDI, dedicated portal, e-mail)
  • electronic signature
  • access to stored invoices in an electronic archive

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