E-invoicing and E-transport  in Romania – Main Challenges and Solutions

On  July 1, 2022, the National System of e-Invoicing RO eFactura was implemented in Romania as a mandatory solution for high fiscal risk products. The obligation applies to Romanian companies as well as to foreign businesses which have branches in Romania. Moreover, in an attempt to combat tax evasion and improve VAT collection, the Romanian Ministry of Finance has decided to introduce e-transport, which is an electronic system intended to monitor road transport of high fiscal risk goods in Romania. What challenges has this posed for  companies?

Key challenges

Since Comarch is already involved in supporting companies in meeting e-transport and e-invoicing requirements, we already know the challenges. Some companies had a problem with master data – as information had to be updated when lacking some specific info. There were also issues connected to VAT rates which were not validated despite the correct code being inserted. Some companies became stuck during the validation process. What is more, ANAF is a dynamic platform that is being changed and improved over time, so it is important to constantly monitor it - which also requires resources.

There’s no doubt that, due to legal and technical intricacies, the issuance of fully compliant invoices or other types of documents such as dispatch advices may be a cumbersome process. An impossibly tight deadline, a lack of crucial information, errors and omissions in official documentation made the implementation of e-invoicing and e-transport solutions in Romania even more complex than expected. It’s worth mentioning that some of the relevant documents were published a few days before or even after the due date.

E-invoicing and E-transport solutions

Since the adoption of electronic invoices is often fraught with uncertainty, it is worth considering some solutions available on the market that can help in meeting those requirements and save time and costs. E-invoicing platforms such as Comarch’s one will help you remain fully compliant with ANAF while exchanging e-invoices and dispatch advices (DESADV) without worrying about dynamically changing requirements and forthcoming legal regulations.

E-invoicing and e-transport solutions automate and facilitate many processes, including:

  • Capturing incoming documents from all channels and mapping them into a format required by ANAF
  • Defining technical and business validation to minimize the number of erroneous documents
  • Archiving for the legally required retention period
  • Integration with different ERP systems
  • Tracking of documents
  • Routing of files to multiple partners at the same time
  • Preparing of customized UIT codes - PDF with QR Code (applies to RO e-transport)

All of the above are provided with the Comarch e-Invoicing platform. Comarch has become one of the first global operators to fulfill ANAF requirements, which allows companies it serves to send and receive e-invoices (with their statuses) and dispatch advices to/from ANAF. Being a trusted provider with 20 years of experience, Comarch constantly monitors legislative changes in Romanian law and many other countries. Thanks to that, Comarch’s customers can be fully compliant in more than 60 countries.

For more information get a free e-book about legal changes in Romania.


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