Digitizing Data exchange to Foster International Growth: La Doria Scales the European Market with Comarch EDI

La Doria, European leader in the production of white labelled canned food, has signed an agreement with Comarch Italia to optimize the data exchange process in the order cycle with their commercial partners.

La Doria invested in the digitization of their supply chain, aiming to achieve higher  competitiveness on the European market and improve the efficiency of working processes. By signing an agreement with Comarch Italia, the company strengthened its technological maturity. The use of innovative EDI (electronic data interchange) solutions made the documents exchanged with European business partners more efficient.

Since the company is operating in an international context, streamlining data exchange processes with our partners along the supply chain has always been strategic for La Doria," said Raffaele Todisco, Chief Information Officer of La Doria. “We are in contact with hundreds of customers every day, and we manage a very high amount of information, thus there is no room for errors or misunderstandings. The partnership with Comarch has offered us the opportunity to improve and standardize flows and internal processes."

Francesco Novembri, Senior Business Development Manager of Comarch Italia, added: “We are pleased to be able to support La Doria in strengthening its technological maturity. The Comarch EDI platform is an international solution, which guarantees not only compliance and knowledge of global and industry standards, but also the expertise of offering our customers a tool suitable for the high complexity of international businesses. This is due to our in-depth knowledge of the requirements and market expectations at an operational level thanks to thousands of our customers and partners."

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