tpmTPx Vendor Panorama 2016 published by the Promotion Optimization Institute is yet another report where Comarch, as the only Polish IT company, is among the leading suppliers of TPM/TPO technology. The ranking is aimed at assisting manufacturers of consumer goods while choosing a solution best tailored to their needs.

To date, the Comarch TPM solution, which belongs to the SFA product group, has been featured in Gartner’s reports (subsequent editions of “Market Guide for Trade Promotion Management in Consumer Goods”). Apart from knowledge and experience in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe, Gartner emphasises the solution’s configurability and very functional calendar that allows not only for easy and intuitive promotion management, but also analysis of various time spans - which are distinguishing features of Comarch TPM.

The report from the Promotion Optimization Institute gives the greatest credit to the most recent version of Comarch TPM, designed using a completely new layout and technology, which allows easy and user-friendly promotion management not only on personal computers, but on all mobile devices as well. Even more, the easy manner of promotion planning was appreciated: the user is guided step by step and interactive reports enable seamless estimation of the most efficient scenarios; the more extended client card was also highly praised.

Following the latest trends and using the experience gathered during cooperation with our customers, we have designed a completely new Trade Promotion Management solution, which will assist – in an even easier manner – in efficient planning and management of promotion activities and their budgets, as well as the estimation of various solutions. Additionally, the system streamlines multi-stage acceptance processes in a company and facilitates decision making on the basis of advanced analyses. Therefore, we are very happy that our solution received the Best-in-Class for Mobile UX distinction from the Promotion Optimization Institute. It is also worth emphasising that Comarch is one of very few suppliers – the only one in Central and Eastern Europe – to offer both SFA and TPM type solutions, which leads to benefits resulting from synergy. We focus on the complexity of our solutions, so the TPM solution is also a part of the Omnichannel strategy, says Justyna Włodarczyk, Comarch SFA, Product Manager.

Comarch SFA (Sales Force Applications) includes mobile and web-based solutions to service and optimize sales processes. Recently, B2B e-commerce type applications were included in this group of products; they are intended for business partners and call centers. Together, they create a complex tool that allows clients of Comarch SFA to follow the latest international trends. 

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