For this reason, a suitable tool to effectively manage promotional activity becomes indispensable.

“Market Guide for Trade Promotion Management and Optimization” is a report by analyst and consulting firm Gartner which is devoted to leading providers of TPM and TPO software. The ranking is aimed to help consumer goods manufacturers choose which solutions are best adapted to their business needs.

Comarch TPM, a solution from the SFA product family,  has been recognised by Gartner’s analysts as one of the top trade promotion management software manufacturers for the second time in a row (the former 2014 report was titled “Vendor Panorama for Trade Promotion Management in Consumer Goods”). This is a huge success, as so far, Comarch has been the only provider of these solutions not only in Poland, but, as the Gartner report says, in the whole of Central-East Europe.

Comarch SFA Trade Promotion Management is cutting-edge technology designed to effectively plan and manage promotional activities and budgets and to assess various solutions. Moreover, it streamlines multi-stage acceptance processes in enterprises and facilitates decision-making thanks to advanced analyses. Comarch SFA relies on comprehensive solutions, therefore, the TPM software strongly corresponds with the omnichannel strategy. Guidelines for promotional activities planned in the application can either be accessed on mobile devices of sales representatives who can verify and report on them in points of sale, or they can be used in the e-commerce application dedicated to business partners – says Justyna Włodarczyk, Comarch SFA Product Manager.

Aside from the knowledge and experience on the markets of East-Central Europe, Gartner draws special attention to other distinguishing features of the Comarch SFA product such as the high configurability of the solution and its very practical calendar, which provides an easy and intuitive way of managing promotion and analyzing various time periods. Another strength of this technology is the experience and expertise of Comarch employees and engineers cooperating with distributors, which they have gained during long-term collaboration with companies such as Agros Nova or Navo Orbico.

Comarch SFA (Sales Force Applications) are mobile and web solutions designed to manage and streamline sales-related processes. Recently, the product range has been expanded to include B2B e-commerce applications for business partners and Call Centers. Together, they make up a comprehensive solution allowing Comarch SFA customers to follow the latest international trends.

Comarch SFA solutions are targeted at the cosmetics industry, FMCG, pharmaceutical, construction, manufacturing and distribution sectors. For many years, Comarch products have been used by global brands such as Diageo, RedBull, Amica, BioMed, and Colgate-Palmolive, to name a few.

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