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Billentis just released its new report (“E-Invoicing / E-Billing. Digitisation and Automation 2016”), sponsored by Comarch. As always, you can find there in-depth analyses of the electronic invoice market. This year, the introduction to the report was written by Bartlomiej Wojtowicz, Product Manager at Comarch EDI.

In the report we can find the most recent information on the European and global e-invoicing. One of the maps clearly shows what countries are the market leaders in e-invoicing, what are in the middle of the pack, and who are the "laggards".

The report is an important source of the hard facts and numbers. For instance, we can learn that the volume of European invoices is 36 billion, and in 2017 it may increase to 37 billion. The report also shows that about a half of the invoice is issued for consumers (B2C) and the remaining part is utilized in other business relationships (B2B, B2G, G2B).

The report also discussess various models of e-invoicing available on the market (e.g. Supplier Direct Model, Buyer Direct Model, Direct Model as a Service). The authors have emphasized clearly visible legal changes and the impact of current events (such as the Panama Papers scandal) on the market of electronic documents. The last part of the report discusses the advantages and the challenges faced by the industry. Various case studies serve as illustrations of the most important points. One of them is a description of Comarch’s implemented for Kompania Piwowarska (a subsidiary of SABMiller).

In the opening article, Bartlomiej Wojtowicz of Comarch discusses the issue of electronic invoices exchanged by companies located in different countries – not only in the European Union.

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