Comarch, as a producer of the world's first mobile sales force application adjusted to suit the specific needs of HoReCa companies, has published a white paper describing how beverage manufacturing companies  and leisure industry can benefit from modern technology. 

In recent years, the hospitality industry, known in some countries as HoReCa (i.e. Hotels/Restaurants/Cafés) has been one of the fastest-growing market sectors in Europe and elsewhere in the world. The large scale of operations and market competition usually bring about new problems and challenges. These can be addressed with technology. 

A mobile appli¬cation is a must today but a standard application may be insufficient. In the White Paper – “That Takes the Cake! Sales Force Automation for Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes” – Comarch SFA team shares their ideas of how to optimize the sales processes in this industry and shows the tools which can help to build synergy between sales representatives and B2B clients. 

From this document you will learn: 

  • How mobile CRM can help your business
  • What are the „customized assortment cards”
  • How to become an expert in HoReCa, and feel like a barista
  • How to effectively manage POS materials
  • Why you should send some ready-to-use recipes to your HoReCa clients

You can download the white paper here

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