On September 10-11, 2013, Comarch SFA User Group 2013 will be held at the Narvil Hotel near Warsaw. The 2013 edition will focus on issues related to the management of sales and marketing.

The conference will begin with a Marcin Warwas, Vice President of Comarch, presentation entitled "20 years: Comarch – From Local Supplier to Global Player." During the conference, we will find answers to questions concerning how to effectively manage sales processes and increase sales volume through the use of innovative IT systems and mobile applications. Stimulating lectures and interesting workshops will address the most interesting recent trends in the development of mobile applications. We will show you how mobile applications can support the sales forces of modern organizations, help manage increasing amounts of data and ensure immediate response to results and changes in the market.

The conference is a must for those involved in strategic, sales and marketing management. The conference will also be of great interest to anyone who oversees the work of sales representatives.

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