IREKS has provided direct support to bakers and confectioners around the world for 160 years and has branches in 90 countries. The group provides top-quality baking ingredients. It is also the leading manufacturer of high-quality malt for famous breweries.

In 2014, IREKS has established the cooperation with Comarch to implement the Comarch SFA Mobile Sales Force solution in IREKS-Prokopowicz Sp. z o.o. . The implementation was ended a successful and IREKS decided to implement this solution in other countries – Germany, Great Britain, Denmarks, Belgium, Romania, Norway, and Sweden ( In 2017 IREKS is planning further implementation).

IREKS field staff members represent two main categories: sales people and technologists and the CRM/SFA system was meant to support all of them. Due to the nature of the business and the diverse growth of IT infrastructure across individual countries, some of the IREKS companies had already had CRM/SFA solutions deployed, most of them independently of the others. Comarch’s challenge was to standardize the processes and share systems and databases. Comarch offered a uniform central solution called Comarch SFA Mobile Sales Force, controlled with an iPad and designed to launch in as many IREKS countries as possible.

A highly versatile system, Comarch SFA supports both sales representatives and engineers in their daily work despite the varying goals and guidelines the two groups have, as well as sales managers, taking account of their tasks, duties, and expectations.

The system provides a wide range of functionalities, ranging from field staff’s receipt of orders to developing and implementing formulas to carrying out surveys and collecting product and formula feedback. The highly flexible solution allows easy configuration changes and lets group members to selectively use features dedicated to their markets. No country or market needs to use all functions available. The system was designed so that further improvements and extensions should be made in a uniform way to satisfy specific business needs of the IREKS group.

“The project is constantly expanding, not only in terms of deployments in new countries but also in terms of functionalities. As of 2017, we have been testing new modules in one of the markets, one of them a web application for area sales managers. We also plan to launch a call center unit to manage notifications and tasks for field employees,” says Jakub Frankiewicz, the Comarch SFA Consulting Director.

More information about the implementation is available here

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