The Comarch EDI platform was featured in the “Market Guide for Integration Brokerage” report from Gartner.

Comarch EDI is a B2B platform that facilitates effective and reliable data transfer between international business partners. The platform helps businesses automate their data processing paths, streamline order and delivery processes and conduct trouble-free invoicing and payment processing.

Gartner’s forecast

An international analytics company, Gartner forecasts further growth in the field of solutions increasingly based on the SaaS model and a retreat from stand-alone solutions. Gartner’s report focuses on services supporting digital B2B communication, or Integration Brokerage, i.e. services focusing on the deployment, management and integration of related solutions. Their analysts note that Integration Brokerage has seen continuous growth as businesses have shown a strong demand to support experienced partners in the fields of analytics tools and digital invoicing. What is equally important is the need to provide those partners with relevant assistance.

Gartner analysts also emphasize the fact that providers of service solutions have been enriching their offers by delivering value-added services, with the services in question covering: the automation of B2B processes; digital invoicing and product data management. This demonstrates that the continued expansion of Comarch EDI systems is the right way forward.Being the only Polish company in the report is a remarkable distinction for Comarch. We were praised for our extensive experience in Integration Brokerage and our dynamic growth. We are continuously seeking to fit our services with new functionalities that are both advanced and user friendly, and B2B e-commerce systems and efficient and trouble-free product data management are just a few of the possibilities offered by Comarch. Our products are developed in line with market trends and address customer expectations,” says Bartłomiej Wójtowicz, Product Manager for Comarch EDI.


Comarch is a company that has streamlined business processes for the past 22 years. Some of the company’s products are Electronic Data Interchange systems. Comarch EDI is a B2B platform providing customers with a competitive edge due to the fast and safe data interchange between business partners. The solution helps businesses automate data processing across supply chains, from the ordering process to order execution, to invoicing and payment processing. Comarch EDI offers savings and compliance with both legal and ecological requirements.

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