Comarch presents the third and final installment of the advertising campaign entitled, "Supermarkets of the future."  The campaign presents the serious topic of supermarkets of the future in an amusing way and brings to light the technology allowing the realization of this concept.

In three short advertising spots, Comarch promotes the advanced technologies used to provide comprehensive services to supermarkets, build customer relationships and drive loyalty programs. These technologies include, for example, Loyalty Management, which ensures that a supermarket will automatically recognize a customer and his needs, Comarch ECOD Platform used for the exchange of electronic documents, Comarch DMS, which provides an efficient workflow within the company and Comarch Data Center, enabling secure storage of information without the necessity for possessing an expensive technical infrastructure.

The vision presented in these advertising spots has provoked intense public reaction. On forums related to the topic and in social media, cybernauts discuss whether such a solution is the realization of customers’ dreams, if it still belongs in the realm of future or is rather an inevitability and an effect of the latest technological development.

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