Comarch in GS1 US Solution Partner Program

GS1 US SOLUTION PARTNER PROGRAMComarch has received a membership to the GS1 organization in the United States.

GS1 will offer an edge in the Supply Chain Management by allowing Comarch to leverage there over 40 years of experience and more than one million members. All whom use their supply chain standards and tools to advance the exchange of critical data from manufacturing all the way to the consumer by creating a common language that underpins systems and processes all over the world.

Comarch will now be listed as a U.S. Solution Partner and be recognized alongside of other industry leaders.  Becoming a member of GS1 will further increase Comarch's ability to provide world class solutions (eCom, EDI, E-INVOICING, GDSN, MDM) to business in the United States. Comarch is already a Solution Partner of GS1 in several countries in Europe: Germany, Belgium, France, Italy and in Spain.

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