Comarch SFA Mobile Sales Force not only enables sales reps to register particular standards that require verification but it does it for them.

Merchandiser no longer has to spend so much time in front of the shelf, often in the crowd of nervously staring customers. The only thing he or she must do is take a photo. Based on it, the system will recognize products on the shelf, and depending on needs it will prepare appropriate reports: it will count up number of particular products’ faces, check if their deployment meets planograms, check if all required products are at the store and whatever else… it depends only on sales specialists’ creativity. On the other hand, the manager for obvious reasons doesn’t have to check if sales reps’ reports coincide with separately sent photos.

Moreover, the system returns information about recognized product in real time, so a representative can use the functionality while pitching a presentation to the store manager. Just take a photo of the product you’re  interested in, and the system will automatically return information about its data and can also provide photo gallery, leaflets, presentations, advertising videos, or an offer specifically prepared for that customer.

Within the next few years, image recognition will certainly be one of the most important modern tools that support sales in the retail trade sector,

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