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Nowy Styl Group - a European leader in comprehensive furniture solutions for offices and public spaces - has chosen to use Comarch EDI to build a platform for electronic document exchange in supply chains. The system will include automatic communication between branch offices and partners in Poland, France, Germany and the UK.

Comarch EDI aims to improve collaboration and communication between partners during delivery processes, by providing information about confirming orders, shipment and acceptance of goods and inventories.

I am convinced that the digital form of the documents will eliminate errors made during manual data entry and increase the level of security in exchanging business information. It will also reduce the cost of printing to a minimum, which again limits operational costs. In addition, it will allow greater control over the documents between their dispatch and reception by a partner. Another great benefit of Comarch EDI is that it allows electronic communication with all business partners, whatever their technological advancement - says Mariusz Sobociński, IT & Business Analyst Director, Nowy Styl Group.

The project involved the introduction of several types of electronic documents. The first is the "order" (ORDER), which allows the electronic preparation of requisitions. Another is "advanced shipping notice" (DESADV), a document indicating that the goods have been sent. Additionally, the "confirmation of receipt of goods" (RECADV) gives information about goods that have been sent and received. In addition, a branch of the Nowy Styl Group exchanges "stock report" (INVRPT), which gives precise information about products in stock.

Nowy Styl Group also plans to deploy Comarch EDI E-Invoicing, which makes the processes of creating, sending, receiving and storing purchase and sales invoices automatic, and allows the archiving of documents in a single place. E-invoicing can be run with any business partner.

E-Invoice is a solution that customers trust. It cuts the operational costs associated with the printing, delivery and archiving of documents while also reducing the time needed to search for information contained in such documents - says Iwona Kubisiak, Sales Department Manager, Comarch SA. Our solution allows you to customize the format of invoices to the needs of the business partner.

In addition Comarch EDI, Nowy Styl Group decided to use a hosting service in the Comarch Data Center.

About Nowy Styl Group

Nowy Styl Group is a European leader in comprehensive furniture solutions for offices and public spaces. Thanks to its unique business model, the Group offers an excellent interior furnishing service based on in-depth analysis of customers' needs, efficiency, work organisation, ergonomics and acoustics. Nowy Styl Group's experience and technological and production facilities ensure that every offer is ‘tailor-made.

It is innovation, a flexible approach to customers, and an exceptional organisational culture that make the Group one of the largest and the most dynamically developing furniture companies in Europe. Its annual revenue amounts to almost 300 million euros. The company has its own international distribution network, comprising local sales structures in 18 countries all over the world (including in the most important European markets, the USA and the Middle East).

The Group's reference list includes, amongst others, large international corporations and cultural institutions such as the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Munch Opera House and all the Polish stadiums that hosted the UEFA EURO 2012. It was upon the Group's chairs that heads of government sat during the NATO Lisbon Summit and these can also be found in the German Chancellery and the Leicester Square Theatre in London. In the foreseeable future, the Olympic stadium in Lyon will be fitted with the Group's chairs as well.

More about the Nowy Styl Group on: https://pl.nowystylgroup.com/pl/

About Comarch:

Established in 1993, Comarch is a software house and IT services provider with over 20 years of experience in delivering solutions to leading companies from retail, telecommunications, T&T, oil & gas and financial services industries. Listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, the company employs over 4,200 members of staff and has completed over 3,500 projects globally. For several years Comarch has been helping clients from various industries to optimize processes throughout the supply chain: from the exchange of data, to the execution of orders, and invoicing and payment. Among the users of Comarch EDI are enterprises from 35 countries, including Unilever and BIC.

More information: https://www.comarchedi.com/.

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