With great pleasure we would like to announce that Comarch EDI and our e-invoicing solution has passed all of the Turkish Revenue Administration tests and together with our local business partner (Bizofis) we have received special permission to act as E-Invoicing Private Integrator in Turkey. From now on, all of our Turkish Customers will be able exchange and to archive their invoices in accordance to Turkish law thanks to our solution.

 Comarch EDI E-Invoicing features:

  • Accordance with current legislation and technological trends
  • Sophisticated supply chain – e-invoices combined with other exchanged documents
  • Various delivery methods (for example: EDI, Web-EDI)
  • E-archiving for all incoming and outgoing invoices with several possible searching criteria and user roles

Comarch EDI has over 19,000 users in 30 countries. Comarch EDI provides support for over 70 different message types and processes 240 million electronic documents annually. To learn more, visit: www.comarchedi.com

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