Comarch is a proud sponsor of the Exchange Summit 2015: From E-Invoicing to Supply Chain Financing. The conference will be held on 5th-6th October at Hesperia Tower in Barcelona, Spain. Comarch presents the EDI solution. The agenda includes world-class P2P and the role of E-Invoicing, the integration of e-Invoicing into the existing IT landscape, impact for corporations, banks and vendors around purchase to pay, a EU Core Invoice Standard: CEN PC 434 Progress, XBRL and data extraction to automate administrative processes and many more.

Comarch invited Mr. Harald Mattis, Partner at C.sion Consulting GmbH, to present the results of the cooperation between the two companies. The speech is entitled “Invoicing in the Automotive Industry: Project Challenges for a Successful Implementation.” The conference attendees will have a unique chance to learn more about main challenges for the automotive industry in the context of e-Invoicing, specific requirements regarding formats, processes and global partners, efficient project setup by an agile rollout and onboarding approach as well as chances and risks for an effective business case. Moreover, the Comarch’s guest will also discuss main criteria for a provider selection and share his experiences with the SaaS and in-house solutions.

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