Sales in HorecaHoReCa, which consists of the hotel, restaurant, and catering sectors, is one of the most rapidly growing markets in Europe. Comarch, within its family of sales support systems called Comarch SFA, has created the first application in the world to accommodate the specific requirements of this industry. 

This innovative solution brings together a lot of opportunities and allows businesses to meet and manage the specific requirements of the accommodation and catering industries. Thanks to the modern mobile application known as ‘Comarch SFA Mobile Sales Force’, mobile workers can become experts gaining the knowledge of a sommelier or specialist in exclusive alcoholic beverages. Without having to complete any specialist courses, they will be able to present any product, describe its character, origin or storage, and pair it with food dishes. The application is also equipped with a menu card creator (for wines or drinks), which allows a personalized menu to be arranged and ordered, once a dedicated offer for a given catering establishment is agreed upon. What is more, the application has other functions that play an important role in the HoReCa channel, such as an extended option to manage POS marketing materials, which, among other things, registers the number of refrigerators or glasses distributed.

Relying on the complexity of services, the solution supports various customer service channels, including persons employed with Customer Service Centers, who use Comarch SFA Online Sales Support – Call Center in their daily duties. This application supports sales activities by providing access to conversation patterns, marketing campaigns and dedicated promotions and special offers. Thanks to its integration with the mobile system, call center employees have full access to customer history and therefore, knowledge relating to the customers. They can also make appointments for mobile advisors. They will therefore become perfectly informed advisors, with access to full customer history.

Using two applications (Comarch SFA Mobile Sales Force and Comarch SFA Online Sales Support) results in a synergy which changes the nature of the work of a mobile employee who visits points of sale. The burdensome process of generating orders can be relegated to a call center employee, meaning sales representatives are able to focus on merchandising research, POSM management, and activities that enhance the settlement of payments.

Another strength of the application is its integration with Comarch Beacon, which has special significance in the HoReCa sector since it can be used to invite customers to a place, to create notifications about upcoming events or special offers, to improve building involvement, to collect valuable information about consumers, and to create various competitions. Beacons are an excellent tool for POS materials management: for example, they can register the temperature in which wines or other alcoholic beverages to be served to customers are stored.

Comarch Sales Force Apps for HoReCa combine innovative technology, expertise, and customer experience in order to meet the specific requirements of the accommodation and catering sectors and satisfy the needs of this niche market.

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