The London HR Summit will be held on 21st - 22nd September at the Hilton London Wembley. The event is for qualified HR professionals, with experts offering the latest advice, thought-provoking ideas and solutions to further equip HR professionals to tackle the current issues facing the sector and its workforce.
The event will include seminars on thought leadership, best practices and innovation in strategic HR management, as well as round table discussions. The seminars are hosted by leaders from within the industry and will offer valuable insight and expertise to those attending.


Comarch’s seminar will take place on Tuesday 22nd September, running at 11:15 and repeated at 16:00. Core business performance relies strongly on efficient HR processes in many industries; A demonstration with case studies from Retail & FMCG:
•    Maturity of IT in HR – Factors and players
•    EIM Solutions  - A big picture on processes
•    How and why: Case Studies from Retail/FMCG
•    Workshop: Self-care? Compliance management? Employee ‘cycle’ support? What and how would you improve?

Comarch ECM universal tool ensures comprehensive support including invoice handling, HR administration, Manufacturing Management and Contracts Management. It facilitates capturing, archiving, working on and securely searching for any document, and provides support for associated business documents.

For more information on Comarch ECM please see here:

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