Since July 2012, B&K has been using the Comarch ECM solution to process incoming invoices and to archive relevant documents. B&K GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in Hamburg, is one of the largest authorized car dealers in Germany with 16 stores and more than 800 employees, 100 of them are currently using the Comarch ECM system.

B&K have also been using a Comarch financial and accounting system, Comarch Financials Schilling, for many years now. This fact considerably contributed to B&K’s decision to implement a Comarch product once again.

Comarch WorkstationScan and Comarch ECM Capture&OCR are used as text recognition modules to archive and automatically process documents. Again, the aforementioned interface is used here between Comarch ECM and Comarch Financial Schilling. This procedure significantly improved the processing of incoming invoices. Currently, the system is being completed with a spool-file archiving function as well as dynamic automobile and service records.

Comarch ECM is an Enterprise Content Management tool which comprehensively makes it possible to control the information capital of a given enterprise stored in the form of business documents. In 2012, Comarch ECM enabled customers to process 4.5 bln documents.

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