AI-powered Document Processing: NLP in EDI Systems

The growing volume of documents exchanged electronically creates challenges in data processing and workflow efficiency. Natural language processing, particularly applications such as named entity recognition, can revolutionize electronic data interchange systems, optimizing these operations. By intelligently classifying words and phrases within text documents, NLP can transform how businesses handle and analyze data.

Continue reading to explore how these new technologies are implemented and used in Comarch’s EDI platform.

How NLP tackles inconsistent addresses in EDI

Accurate address recognition is critical for smooth EDI operations. Unfortunately, online documents are often plagued by variations, typos, and inconsistencies in how addresses are formatted. These errors create roadblocks, leading to inefficiencies and delays in deliveries.

Fortunately, advancements in natural language processing (NLP) offer a powerful solution. One such technique, named entity recognition (NER), can tackle these inconsistencies and ensure accurate address identification within EDI systems.

By understanding the context and structure of text, NER empowers EDI with AI systems to identify and extract addresses with precision. This AI technology acts as the cornerstone for Comarch's EDI AI platform, allowing it to intelligently classify entities within client data, with a particular focus on pinpointing the correct address information.

NLP solutions for streamlined customer matching in EDI


NLP Solution (NER)


Strict TAX Number Compliance

Identifies minor variations in TAX numbersEnables flexible pattern matching for accurate customer identification

Data Anomalies & Mismatches

Detects and resolves data inconsistenciesPromotes accurate customer association by correcting errors

Linking Customers with Address Variations

Analyzes contextual clues in namesImproves customer matching accuracy, especially for numbered clients (e.g., gas stations, franchises)

Duplicate Customer Data Due to Updates

Recognizes new data versions with the same identifierProvides a more nuanced understanding of customer data changes, even with field modifications

Recycled IDs & Mismatched Customers

Ensures customers with deep data edits are linked to distinct patternsPrevents misidentification and maintains data integrity

Identifying Customers with Multiple Locations

Classifies and identifies customers with multiple locations (warehouses)Enhances overall customer matching precision

Building a training dataset for NER

Creating a robust NER model requires a high-quality training dataset. Annotator applications play a crucial role in this process by facilitating the manual preparation of data. These applications help human annotators label different parts of text with specific categories, such as street names and ZIP codes. This labeled data serve as the foundation for the NER model, allowing it to learn how to identify and classify these entities within future addresses.

Model validation with human expertise

Just like building the training data, validating the accuracy of an NLP model also benefits from human intervention. Here, a specialized "validator" application comes into play. This AI application essentially flips the script on the annotator tool. Instead of humans labeling raw data, users are presented with already classified records and asked to verify if the classifications are correct. By analyzing the collective results from this validation process, developers can identify areas for improvement in the next iteration of model training. This human feedback loop helps refine the AI's accuracy and efficiency over time.

Summary: three key benefits of using NER in EDI

Integrating NER into EDI systems unlocks a new level of efficiency and accuracy. By leveraging the power of NLP in Comarch’s AI-powered EDI solution, organizations can address the challenges associated with traditional address processing.

  1. Enhanced accuracy: NER tackles the issue of inconsistent and erroneous address formats by intelligently identifying and classifying entities within text data. This minimizes errors caused by manual data entry, ensuring deliveries reach the correct destinations.
  2. Streamlined processing: NLP automates the address recognition process, eliminating the need for manual intervention. This significantly reduces processing time, leading to faster EDI cycles and improved overall workflow efficiency.
  3. Improved adaptability: NLP models can adapt and learn over time. This allows them to handle variations in address formats, abbreviations, and even language inconsistencies, making AI-powered EDI systems more adaptable to evolving data landscapes.

The future of EDI and AI

The future of electronic data interchange is intertwined with the continued advancement of artificial intelligence, and its subfields, such as NLP and NER, are already redefining EDI processes by enhancing accuracy, efficiency, and adaptability.

But the possibilities go even further:

  • Real-time collaboration: Imagine instant order confirmations or inventory updates with near real-time data exchange.
  • Self-healing networks: AI will proactively detect and resolve EDI issues, minimizing human intervention.
  • Instant processing power: AI technologies will process documents instantly, eliminating processing delays.
  • Smarter decisions: Machine learning will provide data-driven recommendations to optimize your EDI network.

In the coming years, AI and machine learning will make significant strides, empowering EDI networks with high automation, real-time data exchange, proactive issue resolution, intelligent recommendations, and personalized experiences. These advancements will open doors to a future of seamless and efficient business communication that overcomes the limitations of traditional EDI.

We are actively participating in this revolution by integrating AI solutions into the Comarch EDI platform. Thanks to this, our clients and partners can benefit from the latest advancements in data processing and streamlined workflows.

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