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See infographics and check out the recent research findings and learn:

  • The current invoicing situation in the business landscape
  • The future of invoicing: predictions and speculation
  • What invoicing compliance problems are encountered?
  • How to improve problematic invoicing compliance
  • Why manual invoice processing equals frequent errors


1. Only a comprehensive solution allows to noticeably improve invoicing operations

Why e-Invoicing?

  • Business partners requirements (Partner already uses e-Invoicing, Paper
    invoices are no longer accepted by many organizations)
  • Legal requirements (Country-specific regulations, EU Directive 2014/55/EU
    on e-Invoicing to public authorities)
  • Internal requirements (Transparency and responsiveness, Reduction of
    error rate and corrections)

e-Invoicing optimization includes

  • Reduction of costs
  • Increase in costs flexibility
  • Improvement in workflows and working capital


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2. The current invoicing situation in the business landscape

We live in a digital world. However, according to Comarch’s research, the majority of organizations still receive most of their invoices in paper format/scanned (77% - medium and high volume combined) or manually entered email/PDF (68% - medium and high volume combined).

current invoicing situation


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3. The future of invoicing – predictions and speculations

  • 50% of back-office processes are expected to be substituted by RPA solutions in the upcoming years*
    *Billentis report
  • Many jobs in the invoice processing area will become automated by 2035
    *Oxford University
  • Jobs that will be automated include:
    Data Entry Keyes, New Account Clerks, Procurement Clerks, Claim Adjusters, Bookkeeping, Accounting, Auditing Clerics, Checkers, Billing and Posting Clerks, Surveying and Mapping Technicians, Bill and Account Collectors, etc.


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4. What invoicing compliance problems are encountered?

What invoicing compliance problems are encountered?


  • More than half of the companies underlined ensuring tax/VAT compliance (63%) and the integrity of invoice content (54%). Fail to comply with those formalities and you may face unnecessary additional cost and create a risk of liability for those responsible for tax settlements.
  • One in five companies reported many problems with archiving rules (22%) and protection of sensitive data (21%). In the event of a security breach, losing company’s crucial data (e.g. personal information of customers) results not only in fines but also in serious loss of reputation and clients’ trust.


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5. How to improve that problematic invoicing compliance?

How to improve that problematic invoicing compliance?


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6. Manual invoice processing equals frequent errors

Main reasons behind payment delays by B2B customers

Incorrect information
on invoices
Invoice sent to a
wrong person
Asia Pacific26%19%
The Americas26%21%

* Comarch’s own survey


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7. Status of automation: what companies have now vs. what would like to have in the future

Status of automation:


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8. Improvements that companies observed after implementation

Improveemnts that companies observed after implementation

e-invoicingManual processing
5-7 minutes / invoiceup to 20 minutes
saved up
25 minutes / invoice
4,50 euro / invoice6,60 euro saved up11,10 euro / invoice


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9. e-Invoicing makes a difference

e-Invoicing makes a difference


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10. Comarch e-Invoicing saves the day


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