Hello everyone! My name’s Laurencja Nowacka, and I'm a Business Solution Manager at Comarch.

As you’ve already heard, using data exchange products may bring you lots of benefits such as saving time and costs, eliminating errors, and so on. All of these advantages may lead to an even more important outcome – improvement of relations with your partners and many benefits derived from that. Interested in how it works? Let me explain.

Electronic data interchange plays a substantial role in international business, ensuring the seamless flow of a wide range of documents covering several processes in the supply chain. In order to create good and long-lasting relationships with your partners, you must not only take care of everyday business relations, but also ensure that the processes in the company run flawlessly and efficiently by minimizing the risk of potential problems with the use of automation tools.

What is more, automation and structurization of the work accelerates all operations. Documents and data will be delivered, processed and updated and invoices will be paid faster. No delays means all parties maintain business continuity. Using document data validation or three-way match, you can eliminate lots of errors, so there will be no misunderstandings and complaints from your partner. In addition, easy access to document status and the use of notifications help you to efficiently handle unforeseen situations and react in time, before any serious damage is done.

Everything is interconnected. The way we cooperate with our business partners affects not only how they perceive us, but also influences relationships with their end -customers. It’s obvious that if we run the process smoothly, it potentially gives us the opportunity to be considered as a great partner for more future transactions. We also know the power of references. Keeping the process fluent not only makes you a trusty business partner, but also perfect to be recommended to others.

EDI, e-invoicing, MDM and online distribution – all of these products help improve data exchange processes, but also do much more than that in terms of business communication. Just bear in mind: the smoother transmission of data, the stronger the relations.

If you’d like to know more about each solution developed by Comarch, or want to talk about other ways of improving relations with your partners, please contact me at laurencja.nowacka@comarch.com

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