Mortgage software - main advantages

Intelligent brokerage

More and more credit brokers are using specialized mortgage software in their work. This applies especially to large companies and consultants with over 20 years of experience. Mortgage broker software is not new, but in the last three years there has been a real boom in its use by financial institutions. This is because it allows to automate and accelerate all processes, and at the same time  - accommodate customer needs in full. But what exactly does it mean and what are the concrete benefits of using it?

Key business benefits of the intelligent brokerage

To put it in one sentence: a specialized mortgage advisor software can significantly improve sales, with less effort, especially the tedious paperwork. In order to use the software, you do not need to have advanced IT skills. It is simple and intuitive. Thanks to it, a credit broker can significantly improve their work in the following areas:

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Faster credit decisions

This is a huge advantage of the software for credit brokers. Faster, automated analysis also means faster offer generation and higher customer satisfaction. The brokers can focus on selling more products, because they don’t have to check product parameters every time, perform complex calculations in Excel or fill out document hard copies. Everything is done automatically, after filling out the form.

No more paperwork

Paperwork is one of the biggest problems faced by every credit broker in their daily work. Registration of credit applications, creating records of meetings with customers, preparing reports - filling out all these documents takes a lot of valuable time. A broker back office reduces it all to a minimum. You work with ready-made templates and forms, which speeds up the whole credit process. Having everything in the system, a credit broker can also easily search for individual data and documents in the client's history.

Personalization of credit sales

Intelligent brokerage enables a deeper customer relationship and a more individual approach. Thanks to it, you can choose the most optimal product, easily analyzing available bank offers and comparing credit costs. Intelligent brokerage also comprehensively supports them at every stage of the credit process - it carries out a simulation, makes it possible to submit and verify an application, transfer it to a bank, and finally - sign a contract.

Reduced risk of error

Using ready-made templates and automatic verification also reduces the risk of errors made by a credit broker, e.g. when filling out a complex application for a mortgage loan. The business process defined in the system ensures that the credit broker will carry out all the required actions in a specific order, ensuring an equal approach to each client.

Better work organization

Using mortgage advisor software, the advisor can better organize their tasks and thus work more effectively. At every stage, the software enables supervision over the completion of credit documentation and a preview of the entire process, creating a customer database and an interactive calendar of meetings and tasks. Mortgage software makes it much easier to maintain order in documents.

Better supervision

When hiring people in your company, such software allows you to easily monitor the activity of employees and track the history of their cooperation with individual customers.

What is the best mortgage broker software?

There are many systems available on the market that support the work of brokers, but not each of them will work equally well. Every credit broker should pay attention to a few important aspects when choosing the system. The first one revolves around the problems that may be associated with the use of any mortgage advisor software. The most common ones are:

  • lack of intuitive way of data input, which significantly increases the working hours instead of decreasing them
  • no integration with other IT systems
  • filling out documents outside the system
  • too long and complicated reports generated by the system 

What is worth paying attention to when choosing mortgage software:

  • Interactivity - this is a useful function that supports direct relations with the customer. You can then, for example, sit down with them and modify the offer on an ongoing basis, checking variants and investment assumptions. This is not possible with a standard template.
  • The option of working on mobile devices - it is important if you often work outside the office, because thanks to this function you can have permanent access to all data. All you need is an internet connection.
  • Configurability - the possibility of managing parameters used in business processes directly by financial institutions. It is not only about the product parameters themselves, but also, e.g., the possibility of making changes in system form templates and generated document templates.
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