On-Demand Webinar: How to Thrive in the Age of New e-Invoicing Regulations

Get on-demand access to Comarch’s most recent webinar focusing on the ever-growing complexities of global e-invoicing mandates, emerging compliance standards, and how these changes might impact manufacturers in the coming years.  

Key contributors in the webinar included Comarch’s very own Global Compliance Council member Rafał Trojanowski and Business Development Manager Kenneth Taylor, along with Kevin Landry, Senior Manager of Global Billing & Accounts Receivable at ICU Medical.  

The discussion covered a plethora of topics, offering crucial insights regarding the current state of e-invoicing and what’s in store for the future. Some highlights from the discussions include:

  • Prime motivators for e-invoicing regulations
  • Tax considerations and complexities surrounding e-invoicing mandates
  • Local discrepancies in e-invoicing regulations and requirements
  • Potential consequences for e-invoicing non-compliance
  • A business perspective of e-invoice adoption
  • A legal interpretation of e-invoicing changes
  • General benefits of e-invoicing adoption regardless of upcoming mandates
  • Worldwide trends in the realm of Continuous Transaction Controls (CTC)

Click the below and watch it on-demand.

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