How to Enhance Your EDI in Line With Modern Standards – a Brand-New Comarch White Paper

Why is it that EDI prevails as the leading type of solution for efficient data exchange? Because it’s constantly being improved to deliver new functionalities that prove essential for every successful company’s growth. In the era of the digital revolution, many large companies consider Electronic Data Interchange to be a highly-effective technology capable of reducing the amount of administrative, the costs and the number of human errors as well as enhancing various logistics processes and one’s relationships with their business partners. How do we know that?

Recently, we’ve deliberately set out to conduct an EDI customer survey so we ourselves could even better understand the needs of people behind globally-known brands. What we have discovered is that even though they are satisfied with their current results, they expect both practicality and innovation on a much larger scale in the future. We have listened to their concerns about replacing their current EDI solution with a new one and came up with a few pieces of advice that may become essential for any company ready to take the next step to its EDI journey.

This how our brand-new White Paper was born. Entitled “How To Modernize Your EDI”, not only does the material provide a complete overview of the EDI landscape but it also discusses the reasons why companies decide to change their current systems as well as the latest technological trends (Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Machine Learning) and how they have helped to shape the modern EDI solutions. Including the full results of our 2019 EDI survey, this White Paper is available for FREE on our website. Click on the button below to download it now.

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