Eliminate Paper Invoices With Comarch e-Invoicing

In the current economic situation, it is important to maintain business continuity. One way of doing this is to change your document exchange strategy in order to eliminate paper from the business process. According to Comarch’s research, a majority of organizations still receive most of their invoices in paper or scanned format. Therefore, companies are searching for solutions that allow a comprehensive approach to automating their invoicing processes which would allow for the rapid replacement of paper invoices with a safe and secure electronic exchange.

Invoice digitization: a useful change for all industries

Comarch e-Invoicing enables a paperless exchange of invoice documents through multichannel services such as e-mail, EDI, or web applications. It is a powerful and comprehensive product that streamlines and automates all your AP/AR invoicing processes to enable a secure and highly efficient document exchange with all of your business partners and clients. It addresses the challenges of the ongoing digital transformation and is fully compliant with the latest legal regulations and modern standards for data transfer.

Comarch e-Invoicing was designed to automatically validate and convert every invoice you send or receive, regardless of the industry, size, or technical maturity of your company. Combined with a complete set of practical and technologically advanced functionalities such as smart business rules validation or e-Archive with Electronic Signature and backed by our experience in carrying out the most complex B2B and B2G operations, Comarch e-Invoicing guarantees a higher quality of data and lower operational costs.  

Comarch e-Invoicing tools that will help you eliminate paper

Comarch e-Invoicing Portal

This is a modern solution for every company, allowing the management of all invoice flows in one integrated suite. It has been created to improve companies’ experience with electronic collaboration for invoicing and payment. It provides an intuitive document search as well as creation functionalities and can be used as a tracking and KPI reporting tool. It is the perfect solution if you are looking for dedicated functionalities and processes to improve cooperation with your partners.  Modules such as Community Management with self-provisioning and Early Payment supports the exchange of additional information about the conditions of financing.

Comarch e-Archive

This tool allows users to store and manage all invoices, sent and received, for the legally required retention period. It was designed to help you easily navigate all day to day invoicing operations you carry out in many different countries. This solution undergoes automatic updates which means it will always be ready to use if any laws and regulations change. It provides you with instant access to the history of operations, easily readable and printable versions of all documents, and a highly intuitive user management tool. As a result, Comarch e-Archive helps you improve productivity, eliminate the risk of violating legal regulations, reduce operational costs and carry out necessary audits.

Comarch Document Capture

Accelerated onboarding

Self-care tools are the key to quickly  start exchanging electronic documents with your partners. Using these tools, they can quickly onboard themselves to Comarch E-invoicing. Using self-onboarding tools, your partners can define their company structure, review, confirm or update their company data, confirm the content of the e-invoicing agreement with your company, and configure the way they would like to exchange the invoices (pdf/mail, portal or EDI integration). Additionally, to ensure that documents can be correctly processed between the partner and the platform, automated tests can be performed.

Global legal compliance

Companies which operate globally need to support and process various e-invoicing standards in order to achieve their goals. In fact, electronic invoicing and VAT compliance are some of the most challenging processes that companies must deal with.

Comarch e-Invoicing provides the right support for new and existing legal regulations. Not only does it ensure the integrity, authenticity of origin, and legibility of the content, it also guarantees that your sensitive data will be secure and archived for the period of time determined by regulations (data retention policy).

Comarch enables legal compliance in more than 60 countries around the world thanks to integration with Pan-European Public Procurement Online (PEPPOL),  membership in European Electronic Service Providers Association (EESPA), GS1 partnership in many countries and integration with local B2G platforms like Chorus Pro in France, SDI in Italy, ZRE and OZG in Germany or NAV in Hungary.

Online access

Comarch e-Invoicing is available 24/7 from anywhere in the world, with 99.99% uptime and the highest security standards. You can always access data, run your business, and cooperate with partners, even from home. Additionally, thanks to customizable notifications, you can be instantly informed about important aspects of your business, such as new orders or invoices received.

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