Comarch ECM Version 10.2 upgrades the system, according to the clients’ expectations, with new mechanisms and functions increasing business value and competitiveness of the solution. Extension of the BPM area, Business Intelligence reporting system or SAP integration are just a few of the implemented changes.

- In order to meet the needs of our customers, in the latest version of the product we have reinforced key ECM areas, while implementing upgrades that guarantee business advantage. The new version extends e.g. the tools for creating and managing business processes and automatic document registration functions; it also upgrades the mechanisms of platform scalability or reporting options. The solution meets the demands of the market in a more complete way in terms of information interception and document management – states Adam Beldzik, Head of the Business Unit responsible for the production of Comarch ECM.

Business process management (the Business Process Management component) has been particularly intensely extended, e.g. with the option to create one’s own forms, milestones management or extension for tasks workflow with an application of scripting languages. In the new version, documents may be indexed automatically using OCR, and finding documents swiftly is made possible thanks to full-text search. As a result of the expansion of integrating mechanisms, Comarch ECM Version 10.2 integrates with a client’s IT environment in a more complete and easier manner.

Comarch Enterprise Content Management is an ECM tool, which enables comprehensive management of a company’s information capital gathered in business documents. This versatile tool makes it possible to intercept and archive any documents, to work on them, to search for them in a secure way and to support business processes associated with the documents. Comarch solution is applied, among others, by such companies as Carrefour, Phillips, or Puma.

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