On 6-7 October 2014, the Exchange Summit (https://www.exchange-summit.com/) will be held in Barcelona. This event is dedicated to e-invoicing and is a continuation of earlier conferences organized under the name EXPP Summit. Companies from around the world will be among the guests. This is a prestigious international event that attracts experts, service providers as well as enterprises and government entities interested in the subject.

This year the agenda will consist of issues that relate to, inter alia:
- The introduction of the obligation of exchanging e-invoices with public entities in various countries (in Poland there are also plans for this in the coming years)
- The use of e-invoicing process to improve relations with customers
- The integration of e-invoicing and supply chain financing
- Optimization of supply chain processes by automating the communication with partners
- Legal changes.

Comarch experts will take an active part in the conference by presenting, along with one of the clients, a case of an implementation of such a project.

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