Comarch E-INVOICING included in the “Content Platforms” Forrester report

The Comarch’s  solution has been featured in a brand new Forrester report: "Now Tech: Content Platforms, Q3 2018." Comarch is one of the 14 companies that qualified in the "Small Vendors" category along with Amazon, Xerox, and many more.

The CSP (Content Services Platforms) are constantly evolving to suit the ever-changing needs of buyers who want fast, flexible, and cloud-oriented software. Through content management, organizations are looking for easier ways to share information in the digital world. In order to improve clients experience and employees workflows, companies partner up with IT vendors to automate the content delivery process.

Forrester has selected the best providers on the market based on market presence and functionalities of their solutions. Then, researchers divided them into three groups, taking into consideration the annual product revenue.

Comarch was included in the small vendors group (between $5-50 million in annual category revenue from CSP - class solutions). Forrester pointed out that Comarch’s solution, as a transactional content services platform  manages structured content like forms, claims, and invoices with a very high level of automation where human interaction is limited to QA or exception handling. The report found Comarch solution used by retail, CPG and manufacturing markets with CEMEX, Valeant,  IGEPA and Technicolor as prominent customers.

We are delighted to see Comarch E-INVOICING solution in one of the most important industry reports yet again! This is an ultimate proof that Comarch has a permanent place among the best suppliers in the world – says Adam Beldzik, Director of BU Comarch E-Invoicing

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