Cracow's Comarch, one of the largest providers of IT solutions and services for the retail sector in Europe, introduces a cloud model into its SFA offer. Comarch SFA Cloud - a support system of mobile sales representatives in the cloud - is now available on the German market. According to the company's board, it will soon also be available in Polish and Russian versions.

According to Justyna Michalczyk, Director of Comarch SFA department, Comarch SFA Cloud is a response to a demand an global markets. A significant interest has been noticed from the side of medium-sized companies, which want to operate with latest technologies but without investing in large, dedicated solutions. Thanks to the cloud we can offer much easier access to the solution at the same time lowering the price. The application is offered at the price of 45 EUR per user.

Comarch SFA Cloud allows you to begin work with the system independently and to decide how many users will use it and for how long. Intuitive application easily leads the user through the configuration, step by step. Access to the data is protected by access data that meets the stringent requirements of the security policy, and the communication channel will be secured with SSL.

The new solution means greater efficacy of sales teams and facilitates day-to-day control over the work of sales reps in the field. It also provides constant access to up-to-date market data for managers and sales executives.

Solutions of the Mobile Sales Force Apps class, which include Comarch SFA Cloud, are directed to the following sectors: FMCG, pharmaceutical, construction, cosmetics and industrial production or distribution. For several years, global brands have been using Comarch SFA, Diageo, P&G, Colgate-Palmolive just to name a few.

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