Automate your invoice exchange with Comarch e-Invoicing Cloud

Now more than ever, it is important to automate business processes in order to maintain business continuity. Implementing relevant solutions can help in achieving automation as well as increasing employee productivity. In addition, when you consider the savings and the need to reduce unnecessary contact between people, the elimination of paper may prove to be even more important than automating.

Invoice Exchange Automatization

Comarch e-Invoicing features that will help you maintain business continuity

To be able to meet the requirements of an ever-changing market, Comarch has created a new solution that combines many of the functionalities that are important to manage invoices in the current business environment.

Comarch e-Invoicing Cloud is a simple and affordable tool that enables the global, legally-compliant exchange of invoice documents with business partners and public administration bodies. No matter your industry or product, our platform is designed to help you manage invoices, significantly improve your business efficiency, and reduce your operational costs. Plus, being a cloud-based solution, it does not require an expensive and time-consuming implementation process. Instead, it gives you instant access to a virtual environment that is easy to navigate.

The most important features of Comarch e-Invoicing Cloud solution:

Legal compliance

Using Comarch e-Invoicing Cloud is intuitive and easy. All you need to do is enter the specified information. The tool will make sure that all necessary data are completed in accordance with your partners’ requirements. In the event that necessary information is missing, you will be informed automatically.

With Comarch e-Invoicing Cloud you can send invoices to government platforms such as OZG and ZRE in Germany, ChorusPro in France, and e-Račun in Croatia. These are just some of the available government platforms. You can also send invoices via PEPPOL – and Comarch is a PEPPOL Access Point so we are authorized to send these documents without intermediaries.

Rapid product implementation

If you exchange invoices with public entities from different countries, we can help you ensure all the data are correct, regardless of which country you work in and which country your business partner is from. You can buy access to our platform for smart electronic invoicing online today without risking contact with another person.. Then, simply follow the self-onboarding procedure and start using the solution in a few minutes.

Create invoices online

Just enter the correct ID to search the databases and find your business partner. Our user-friendly wizard will lead you in a simple way through the fields required in the country to which you want to send the invoice.

With the ability to create invoices online, you will eliminate the paper-based process, which consumes many tons of paper per year. In addition, automating the invoicing process will save employees’ time.

Process your invoice

Before the invoice is sent, our solution will check if all necessary fields are completed.

This option limits unnecessary contact between the buyer and the service provider or other third parties. With the option to buy the e-invoicing solution online, contact is minimized from the start.

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