Oman is on track to introduce the e-invoicing mandate in 2024

After a period of uncertainty, the Tax Authority of the Sultanate of Oman has confirmed the estimated timeline for launching an e-invoicing system. This confirmation follows the countrywide introduction of a VAT tax system in April 2021 in conjunction with other Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

As stated in the Tax Authority's communication, the e-invoicing rollout will follow a similar approach to previous large-scale reforms. The initial voluntary phase is scheduled to commence between April and September 2024, with the first obligations for the largest entities taking effect as soon as October 2024.

Despite the launch date's revelation, the system's technical details are yet to be announced. There is speculation that several different solutions are still being considered, including the pre-clearance Continuous Transaction Control and the post-clearance model.

It is anticipated that the Tax Authority will soon unveil the required technical scope of the system. Comarch continues to monitor the legislative landscape and will provide updates as soon as the relevant regulations are released.

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