Malaysia Opens Up MyInvois Testing Environment for E-invoicing Integration

The Malaysian Inland Revenue Board (IRD) recently launched a trial environment for its e-invoicing system, MyInvois. This "sandbox" environment first became accessible on April 10th for organizations leading the way in adopting e-invoicing. Access was then expanded to include all other businesses on April 22nd.

The IRD explained that MyInvois Sandbox allows taxpayers and service providers to test how their internal systems will connect with MyInvois using an API (Application Programming Interface). Businesses interested in using the sandbox need to request a unique identification code (Client ID) and a security key (Client Secret) from the IRD via email. To apply, they'll need to provide their tax ID number, company registration number, official name, email address, and the software they use to manage their finances (ERP system).

For more information, taxpayers can refer to the dedicated e-invoicing microsite on the IRBM’s official website. This site is a valuable resource and guide for businesses transitioning to e-invoicing.

There’s more you should know about e-invoicing in Malaysialearn more about the new and upcoming regulations.

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