Customer Loyalty Management

For over 13 years Comarch has been providing its clients with cutting-edge IT solutions for comprehensive management of loyalty programs, customer relations and marketing activity support. The best-in-class Comarch Loyalty Management solution allows creating and implementing unique customer engagement programs that effectively manage memberships and rewards, interact with customers across multiple channels and track program performance.

One of the key advantages of Comarch Loyalty Management is the possibility of deploying it as a stand-alone, fully functional component of a comprehensive customer experience management platforms as well as a pre-integrated part of the Comarch Customer Management solution. Comarch Loyalty Management includes a comprehensive set of modules needed to build a successful loyalty program for both individual and business clients.

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Effectively Manage Customer Data

Data gathered across all touch-points provides a 360-degree view of the profile base concerning customers' behavior, lifestyles and habits to determining the most valuable program members for targeted marketing.

Benefit from an Optimal Target Group and Tiers for Tailored Offers

Structure an efficient communication and reward strategy based on multiple elements such as monthly spending, the number of Revenue Generating Units purchased, events, rewards orders, membership duration, usage patterns and detailed program member activities history.

Reach Your Customers with Relevant Offers & Promotions

Customize your offers to suit individual customers and benefit from increased usage. Rapidly increase customer engagement and activity by defining real-time promotions for every element of subscriber invoices, transactions and for any relevant customer information triggered by specific events or on-line operations.

Unleash new revenue streams

Increase ARPU by encouraging additional revenue growth through the availability of points-based “try-before-you-buy” products and services. Decrease customer retention rates and the costs of acquiring new ones. Increase customer spending, while lowering program cost and complexity, owing to the instant redemption of points. Generate secondary revenue by selling aggregated insights to other consumer organizations, such as retailers or consumer goods companies.

Build an Ongoing Dialog with Your Customers

Communicate with customers through various channels including email, POS, POS TV, SMS, websites, direct mail, mobile application and call centers.

Distribute Bonuses via Multiple Channels

Offer rewards with dedicated price plans, special privileges, service upgrades or additional minutes to encourage subscribers to increase their service usage.

Turn Your Customers into Your Brand Advocates

Connect with customers through social media channels (e.g. Facebook or Twitter) to let them rate rewards and offer them the opportunity to “refer a friend”.

Benefit from Valuable & Easy-To-Access Reports

Implement deep customer analytics to track strategic operations and constantly monitor member activity on dashboards.

Comarch Customer Loyalty Management

Comarch Customer Loyalty Management

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