Commission and Incentive

Comarch Commission & Incentive is highly efficient software designed to allow smooth implementation of innovative schemes for optimal sales network remuneration. The system is based on a multi-dimensional commission calculation model and operates on more than 200 calculating functions based on complex remuneration allocation rules to perfectly fit CSP’s needs and correspond to new active sales network trends.

Comarch Commission & Incentive, a key module in the Comarch Sales Channels Management solution, is based on a calculating engine supported by an optimized algorithm configuration program for calculating commissions. Algorithms are created by business users who can use a rich set of mathematical, logical and business functions available in the program. The calculating engine can be also used for incentive, promotional and loyalty programs.

Comarch BSS OSS Products - Telecom Commission & Incentive


Lead and Direct Dealer

Constantly improve commission policies to point agents in the right direction and customize commissions for top agents to motivate employees and improve sales results.

Use Up-to-Date Information for Accurate Decision-Making

Immediately post sales, point and payment result data for sales agents and managers to review. Every day the system gathers business information from multiple data sources such as core production systems, data warehouse and batch files from cooperating institutions.

Increase Operational Efficiency

The system engine is complimented by a user-friendly algorithm configuration program for calculating commissions; the algorithm can be used directly by business users.

Automate Commission Allocation Calculations with a Reliable Data Repository

Credibility of collected data is a key issue since automatic sales force salary calculation is conducted on their basis. Automatic handling of earlier revisions like changing the agent mistakenly assigned to a sold product is also a significant issue apart from collecting new data.

Flexibly Define Sales Goals

Assign agent positions in multidimensional distribution channel structures to set sales goals for individual agents and for whole sales structures (e.g. teams, departments).

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