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Facing the need to adapt, business support systems (BSS) are now firmly entering the digital era. The evolution that encompasses all aspects of their functioning is driven by a combination of factors. On one end, there is the customer: demanding and digitally native, he expects personalized and consistent experience delivered instantly with holistic care for all dimensions of his engagement lifecycle. Added to the mix there are decreasing traditional revenue sources, caused by the decline of voice services, data commoditization, and pressure from over-the-top (OTT) players. Finally, there are new disruptive technologies such as cloud and IoT, which offer new possibilities, but also require more architectural complexity.

Comarch’s BSS products address all of the issues faced by telecoms wishing to stay ahead by offering modern services that enable CSPs to put their customers where they should be – right at the heart of their digital business. Telecom clients can now benefit from the first-class customer care, attractive online sales portal and intuitive mobile apps. Our BSS offering fully supports innovation culture with its powerful Product Catalog driving Order Manager and accurate Billing module, making the new services and offers able to be launched more rapidly than ever before by the use of simple configuration alone. All Comarch BSS products are available off-the-shelf, pre-configured in line with best practices and market standards, and with a large set of ready to use business processes. The products, modular by design, can be further configured and adapted to fit the organization of a given CSP, and to meet its offer and business needs, including new possibilities enabled by OTTs, SDN/NFV, 5G and IoT.

For telecom providers wishing to replace third-party modules or enrich the potential of Comarch products already in place with additional Service Fulfillment, Service Orchestration, Service Assurance or Field Service Management capabilities, we are perfectly positioned to lend our expertise in integration to offer a solution that is both modular and exposing an open API. In order to keep our cloud-native products always up to date, we offer delivery in the SaaS or on-premises private cloud model.

Comarch BSS products make up a digital toolbox you need in order to succeed with your next innovative business or ongoing transformation process.

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Orange Luxembourg contracts Comarch for complete BSS overhaul

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IT transformation agreement to deliver better digital experience to the growing base of mobile and fixed services end-customers. 

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