The Forrester report titled ‘Choose the Right Mobile Solution’ from March 23, 2016 highlights Comarch as one of the top IT providers rising to the development challenges faced by mobile insurance teams.

The report is an periodical update on technology solutions for the insurance industry, being part of a wider publication (‘The Mobile Insurance Strategy Playbook’) which provides digital insurance professionals with hints and tips on how to hone their mobile strategies. If you look for more visit Forrester’s site.

Forrester Research propose insurance companies a long to-do lists and as a help they made a list of service and software companies The Comarch Financial Services division was recognized as one of the vendors offering a wide selection of custom and off-the-shelf mobile insurance solutions. Our company was one of 34 ones mentioned in this report.

During evaluation of choice of IT providers, insurance companies should for example keeping in mind that technologies or features aren’t always packaged in all off-the-shelf mobile insurance solutions. Authors also recommend to look for integration tooling work effectively with their technology management colleagues in selecting mobile solutions providers. Comarch fulfills that criteria and that’s why it was marked with only 41% of other companies, as a complex provider of insurance software. 

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