A new version of Comarch Identity and Access Management (IAM), a solution that allows full control over the access to company’s applications, VPNs and workstations, has been implemented today at Poland-based Alior Bank.   

Comarch IAM may be used for adjusting role and access permissions, granting remote access to company’s IT resources or delegating privileges. It also provides vital assistance in meeting the GDPR requirements.

The system identifies, authenticates and authorizes users by means of strong and user friendly methods. Comarch solution enables appropriate persons to access the required resources at specific times and for specific reasons. and in consequence it increases the security of the entire organization to a higher level.

You could say IAM is Alior’s lifeblood, because it manages access to more than a hundred banking systems for all bank employees and partners. If the system ceased to work for some reason, it would be as if the bank had a power outage, explains Tomasz Kwiecień, Sales Director at Comarch’s Financial Services sector.

In the new 3.0 version of IAM, running on JLupin Next Server, the typical system response time has been trimmed down by 73 perc. while processing time improved by half.

Comarch IAM, as a combination of fully-featured Identity and Access Management system and modern microservice architecture powered by JLupin Next Server, has prepared us for any scale of operation and has enabled our business partners to quickly bring new product requirements into production with full online implementation, summarizes Krzysztof Tokarz, IT Product Manager at Alior Bank.

The upgrade was carried out seamlessly – no programming work was required on the bank’s side.